Happy Fun Tumblring Time

Had to darken this image a lot due to the terrible glare, but I wanted to be sure to show off the sign/theme. Each of our 3D spiders holds a small version of a spider-themed book from our collection. I wanted them to mimic the Studio Ghibli dust sprites. Eep! We ran out of black masking tape and are hoping to get more to finish off the front window. Wanted to try and get a good shot of the awesome job Mary did with the We have 10 spiders in all dangling from the ceiling. They look amazing twirling in the air currents. One of the actual book displays! A cute cat display on our

I had a horrible time deciding what to show-off with the Halloween displays that we put up at the Children’s Library today (thus the long post). It was a real team effort that came together almost without a hitch (we ran out of black masking tap ::trombone wah-wah::). The theme’s been done a lot, but I feel that we had a fun spin on it (bad pun intended).

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    Would you look at these freakin’ spiders?! Too adorable.
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